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SQL Studio

SQL Studio

SQL Studio is a suite of database tools designed to assist with development projects and data management. It provides features such as scripting of objects, comparing between versions, generating data nomenclature scripts  from live data, and more.

Project Studio

Project Studio

Project Studio is our project management system. Designed to handle small and large enterprise projects it is tailored for software development teams. The Enterprise edition of the system is provided to all of our clients for managing their projects.

Native Script Plugins

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Azure Mobile Apps

Power your NativeScript application with Microsoft Azure. No matter if you want to access Azure SQL data, provide a social sign-in in your application or just want to use Azure Notification Hubs for push notification, everything is supported by this plugin. Easy to install and configure.

Azure Notification Hubs

Power your NativeScript application with Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs. Simple and lightweight plugin that can be used to operate with Azure Notification Hubs. In case you just need notifications there it is no longer needed to use the Azure Mobile Apps plugin as you can achieve the same thing with this plugin.

Drop Down

A Drop Down widget for your NativeScript application. Uses iOS and Andoid built-in controls, which provides a native look and feel for the widget. It has ability to work with value-text pairs and it is easily customizable and styled to fit any screen design!

Masked Text Field

A Masked Text Field widget for your NativeScript application. Whether it is a phone, a social security number or a credit card number, this widget will provide you a convenient way for editing and formatting. Extends the default TextField widget and it has all the styling and event support as the built-in TextField widget.


Want to make profit from your NativeScript application by offering users digital goods? This plugin will allow you to integrate in-app purchases workflow and works seamlessly for both Android and iOS. Currently supports only in-app consumable/non-consumable products, with subscription support coming soon.

Image Swipe

Want to display a list of images to the user in a Facebook gallery style, where they can swipe through the list and zoom each individual image? This is the plugin you want! Loads only the current image and the one before and after it to avoid running out of memory. Also, the images are cached locally and they do not have to be downloaded again as the user swipes through.

Photo Editor

The Swiss army knife of photo editing for your NativeScript app. You can crop, draw something on top or simply add some text. Everything in one simple to use plugin.

Grid View

A widget that allows you to visualize list of items in a grid. Supports customizable templates for items which helps to render your backend data in the most appropriate way that fits your application design. Backed up by native iOS and Android controls that use recycling and reuse items’ views which guarantees that rendering long list of data is not going to be a problem.

Folding List View

A widget that adds the FoldingCell from Ramotion to NativeScript. It has some very cool folding animations and can be used in both Android and iOS. In addition this widget allows you to load the detail data for each cell on-demand, so there is no unnecessary bytes transferred or kept in memory on the device!

Status Bar

A small utility plugin that allows you to control the visibility of the status bar on both iOS and Android apps.