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10 Books Every Developer Should Read

Who doesn’t love a great library with books, right? Here is a picture of mine! Not really, I wish…

Over the years I’ve had countless discussions with developers and peers about the best books to read. It is a never ending quest to find the source of wisdom that will make us better at creating software products. Below is a collection of the 10 books that I would recommend to every software developer (and in general for everyone involved in the industry).

SQL Server 2012

I was at the SQL Server PASS Summit in Seattle last week and one of the big announcements was that SQL Server code name Denali (SQL11) is officially named SQL Server 2012 (scheduled for release early in the year)! Here is the proof: Exciting news, lots of great enhancements to come!

Start Your SQL Engines

S QLRally is only two days away! I am deadlocked here looking at the schedule and trying to make a list of sessions to attend. Such a great line-up of quality content and talented speakers, too bad my concurrency model is not as good as in SQL Server. 🙂 I may have to do some […]

T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2011 (CTP1)

SQL Server 2011 (code named Denali) CTP1 was announced in November 2010 during the SQL PASS Summit in Seattle. While a bit disappointing not to see the much anticipated full implementation of the window functions (hope we will still see that in a future CTP version), it offers some interesting new programmability features. These new […]

Defensive Database Programming

Defensive programming is a much avoided topic by developers. Rushing to deliver features is almost always prioritized higher than spending time to defensively program code for robustness. Especially in the database world where this concept is much misunderstood. This is why it was real pleasure to read Alex Kuznetsov’s book "Defensive Database Programming with SQL […]


S QLRally is the new regional PASS conference hosted in Orlando. It will happen on May 11- May 13 2011 and brings two full days of technical training and an optional day of pre-conference seminars. If you have been to one of the PASS SQLSaturday events then you can expect the same atmosphere of great […]

The Power of Simplicity

Solving a problem very often results in unnecessary complex solutions. One of the first lessons I learned from my math teacher was to scrap any solution that exceeds a page. She would urge me to start all over and look for simpler way to resolve it. In her world there was always a short and […]

It’s a Matter of Style

W riting SQL can be very enjoyable activity. Reading SQL can be also enjoyable (maybe like reading poetry to some), or very unpleasant… How do you write SQL with style that results in eye pleasing and easy to read/understand code? And does it matter?     Sometimes code writing drills down to concentrating on the task […]

Refactoring Entity-Attribute-Value Design

Entity-Attribute-Value (often referenced as EAV) table design is one of the “wonderful” things that newcomers to the SQL land discover very quickly! Traditional procedural programmers have very hard time understanding why tables have fixed number of columns, and adding a new column requires table and possibly code change. Their great problem solving skills from the […]

Refactoring Ranges

Refactoring is misunderstood so many times, mostly by developers living by the motto “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”. But in most cases this is invalid argument and leads to keeping inefficient and difficult to maintain solutions around. With tools and languages evolving, as well as knowledge about specific technology, there are so many […]