Top 10 T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2008

As SQL Server 2008 is getting in the advances phases of release, a lot has been published about new features and changes. There have been a few enhancements to Transact SQL that will be a great help for both developers and administrators. Here is list of the top 10 in no particular order, with links to detailed examples. In other words:

SELECT TOP(10) t_sql_enhancements

FROM SQLServer2008


• Delighters:
• Row constructors:
• Composable DML:
• Table valued parameters:
• Filtered indexes:
• Sparse columns:
• Hierarchy ID:
• Date and Time data types:
• FILESTREAM data type:

Here are a few more that did not make the list (casualty of random ordering) but are still of importance:

• Spatial data (GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY):
• Grouping Sets:
• Table hints:
• Star join query optimizations:
• T-SQL debugger:

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