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The dreaded NativeScript 2.0 Android plugin problem and why it will affect everyone not just plugin developers

UPDATE (04/17/2016): Our prayers have been heard and the {N} team decided to continue support of the current plugin structure with AndroidManifest.xml in the plugin’s platforms folder in addition to the new .aar structure. You can read more about it here. As a {N} plugin developer last week it was brought to my attention that […]

Convert RSA public key from XML to PEM format (.NET) (Part 1)

Probably the people working with asymmetric cryptography have struggled for a way to convert the XML format of the RSA public key to the more widely used PEM format. Although there is a solution for the reverse transformation (from PEM to XML) on the following address http://www.jensign.com/opensslkey/opensslkey.cs I have not found anywhere a solution to […]