SQL Server is The Safest Database

To have a secure and safe place to store data has always been a great desire. For years SQL Server has been improving in that area and with the release of SQL Server 2005 it has reached a special milestone. Seems the Microsoft SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) approach has helped greatly to make SQL Server a better product!

Here are two articles from independent sources that just confirm that:

1). SQL Server vs. Oracle – Which Database is More Secure?
A very good and interesting white paper by David Litchfield from Next Generation Security Software comparing the numbers of security flaws identified by external security researchers and subsequently fixed by Oracle and Microsoft in regard to their database products.

2). SQL Server is The Safest Database
According to this study from the Enterprise Strategy Group, Oracle has 70 vulnerabilities, MySQL has 59, Sybase has seven, IBM’s DB2 has four, and SQL Server has just two.

Great job by the SQL Server 2005 team!

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